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Why Global Financial Media

GFM™ is a leading Financial information & Technology provider in the MENA region offering Investor Relations Solutions, Market Intelligence & News platforms ( /, Media Services, and Low latency Market Data Feed. Throughout 15 years of industry experience, GFM has built trust with exchanges and regulators and is successfully serving more than 250K+ subscribers supported by 400+ professionals across MENA. Our below product portfolio, serving 100+ global and regional clients and 250K+ active users.

15 years of industry experience
Serving 250K+ subscribers and active users
Supported by 400+ Professionals on board across MENA
Serving 100+ Global and Regional clients
  • Most comprehensive & cost-effective solution in MENA region
  • Successfully assisting 50+ companies
  • Provides Secure, Relevant and Reliable company info
  • Time-saving Web & Mobile App solutions
  • Real-time Market & Content Data feed
  • Wide range of Easily integrated IR tools & Widgets
  • Constantly up-to-date data
  • Interactive User-Friendly design
  • 24/7 technical & financial analysts team support
  • Premier Market & Corporate Intelligence monitor
  • Complete coverage of all asset classes in MENA region and international markets.
  • Comprehensive database of companies & executive management
  • Integrated structured data views
  • Multiple screening and analytical tools
  • NEWS from globally recognized providers.
  • Real-time prices and insights
  • Access to listed companies’ financial & ratios
  • In-depth research and analysis workflow
  • Low latency market data feeds
  • MENA, Emerging & Frontier Markets Exchanges connectivity
  • Accurate & Secure data workflow